If we narrow down to one single laser focused passion that we share, it is human connections. All our previous careers and work have led to this.

We are PlayWorks Group, a corporate team building event provider since 2002, but our team has been creating and delivering interactive team events since the early 80’s. We have been in your shoes, desperate to come up with something fresh and different and engaging and having to do it on a shoestring budget. We know you want it off your list and affordable. If you haven’t heard of us, check us out on our website and all over social media.

We have never offered our programs in digital format before. Frankly it is a bit scandalous for groups in the event industry to share this content, but we truly believe team building is so effective and so important it should be accessible to even those with smaller groups or smaller budgets.

 We know live team building simply isn’t affordable for some organizations, companies and departments. That’s why we created the DIY Toolkit